Chelsea Trap Neuter and Release!

Chelsea Trap, Neuter and Release is a registered 501c3 dedicated to the health and care of community cats in Chelsea, Alabama. Organized and formed in the fall of 2021 by a group of caring Chelsea residents, who love cats and their beautiful city in Central Alabama.

Community cats are unowned domestic cats that live outdoors and avoid human contact; it does not allow itself to be handled or touched and usually remains hidden from humans. Chelsea Trap, Neuter and Release, feeds, humanely traps, neuters, vaccinates, and then releases cats to their home colony.

Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Release

In a trap-neuter-release program, community cats are humanely trapped, brought to a partner veterinarian to spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped, and then returned to their outdoor home. Sometimes, other animals wander into the traps for an evening.

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